Add multiple custom post types quickly and easily


Here is a simple snippet of code to use when you want to add multiple custom post types and custom taxonomies to a theme or a plugin. Just add the values to the array and the custom post types and custom taxonomies will be added to your wordpress install. Works from wordpress 3.0+ <?php /********************************* […]

Add page/post slug class to menu item classes


I have not written anything for a long while, and before I had not written much as I am not really a blogger and I only write something when I actually have something that I want to share, which I do today. Once in a while you have to create a menu that has different […]

How to dynamically add stylesheets to your wordpress theme


If you use a lot of different stylesheets for your theme, it can get a little tedious to add them all to your header.php file. You could import them in your style.css, but some of the great minification plugins do not support import. If you organize all your stylesheets in a sub-folder in your theme, […]

WPreso Video Flow v0.3 released


This fixes an error discovered by Jonas from ZORN D SIGN in which Video Flow tried to include a document from Video FeatureBox, so that if you did not have WPreso Video FeatureBox installed as well, it would crash your whole site.

WPreso Video plugins updated to version 0.2


WPreso Video FeatureBox and WPreso Video Flow have been updated to version 0.2. The dependency on the deprecated function mime_content_type() has been removed. The function would check the mime type of the files in the plugin CSS directory and would then include the files which where CSS files. Due to the fact that the function […]